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Recruit an ENSGTI engineer in work placement

Recruit an ENSGTI engineer

Work placements

The ENSGTI engineering training includes 3 work placements which enable students to get better and to become familiar with the industrial and economic environment.

  • In 1st year, an « operator » work placement of 1 to 2 months, between June and August
  • In 2nd year, an « engineer » work placement of 4 months, between June and September
  • In 3rd year, a « specialised engineer » work placement of 6 months, between April and October

If you would like to submit a work placement offer, please contact :


The ENSGTI works closely with the Association des Anciens Elèves (alumni association) and advertises a thousand job opportunities to graduates each year.

Submit your job offers to ENSGTI:

Submit your job offers to the alumni association:


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