An interdisciplinary and open education

formationThe ENSGTI hosts the Classe Préparatoire Intégrée (CPI) Fédération Gay Lussac of Pau.

The ENSGTI 3-year engineering programme enables students to get strong scientific and methodological knowledge to become an Energy engineer or a Process Engineer.

This training is above all designed to be interdisciplinary, open to industry and close to future employers’ expectations.

Apart from scientific education and speciality classes, students benefit from language courses as well as a business economics programme (marketing, public relations, accounting…).

In addition to their studies, they can pursue a Master of Business Administration at the IAE Pau-Bayonne.

The programme consists of 350h of practical work and projects along with 11 months of professional experience, in companies or in a research laboratory.


Rue Jules Ferry
BP 7511
64 075 PAU Cedex