International Master’s program

International Master “SIMOS“ : SIMulation and Optimization of energy Systems


The ENSGTI offers to international students a specialised training in the field of energy and more specifically in the optimization of energy systems.
Candidates must have a scientific Bachelor’s degree and strong basic knowledge in mathematics, physics, heat transfers, thermodynamics and IT. This master’s programme can be pursued within the framework of ERASMUS exchanges.

70% of the programme is taught in English. However, an introduction to the French language and culture is included. The SIMOS Master is organised in 4 semesters (120 European credits) including 3 semesters completed in France.

At the end of the master’s programme and in addition to theoretical knowledge they acquired during the first 3 semesters, students have to complete a work placement in a company or in a research laboratory. The main objective of this work placement is to enable students to get career opportunities in research and development, production or expertise in optimization of energy systems.

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International Master “SIMOS“