Corporate connections

Corporate connections

Close links with industry

industrial relationsThe ENSGTI maintains many close industrial relations.

Since its creation, it has relied on a rich local economic network and has benefited from successful partnerships with the major companies of the industrial area.

In concrete terms, this close collaboration between the School and companies is expressed by:

  • The strong involvement of industrialists in the governance bodies of the ENSGTI
  • The partnership contracts that were drawn up for site visits or the research contracts (the ENSGTI can make its experimental equipment and computational resources available to its partners).
  • The intervention of professionals in the training (in 3rd year, over 50% of the training is provided by industrialists)
  • The work placements offered to the ENSGTI students and the individualised attention which is proposed to them
  • The trust that industrialists place in GT Process
  • Choosing to pay the vocational education tax to the ENSGTI
  • The recruitment of our graduates straight at the end of their training course or through the Association des Anciens Élèves (alumni association).


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