Student life

Essential student events

Many festive occasions punctuate the student life at the ENSGTI and help to build a strong “school ethos” :

Orientation of the 1A (1st year students)

The orientation includes the parrainage, mountain outing, the Rally in Pau, the sports week, parties… These are true moments of friendliness which allow to introduce the School, the community life, the traditions and the “GTI” state of mind to newcomers.

WEI (orientation weekend)

The “week-end d’intégration” : 2 days that will be legendary, festive, fun and relaxing at the foot of the Dune of Pilat so that you can enjoy the amazing school environment. This WEI allows to create strong links and a cohesion between all years.


It finalises the orientation: with garlic and a bottle of Jurançon (“à la façon d’Henry IV”), new students “take vows” and become real “GTIENS”.

Regions meal

It is a nice opportunity for students from all over France (and the world) to present the culinary specialities from their native region or country.


Each year, the BDS organises various friendly tournaments for the benefit of the Telethon.


A smart dress code is required for this evening “like no other” which gathers all years.


3 amazing days in the Pyrenees to share intense moments and to practise various board sports.

KRYSTAL tournament

A big sporting tournament that gathers almost 150 students from Aquitaine engineering schools.

TIC or ” Tournoi Inter-Chimie” (Inter-Chemistry Tournament)

THE key annual sporting event for Chemistry and Process Engineering Schools… a 4-day tournament in all disciplines, which gathers about 2.000 students (sportspeople and fans). For this occasions, the GTIens (and their always spectacular float) are bound to represent proudly the School !

The 4l Trophy

A rally that combines adventure and solidarity : the aim of this humanitarian trek is to help Moroccan children by providing them with school and medical supplies… The 4L Trophy is a sporting challenge and a human adventure in which several GTI teams already took part.

WEA or “Week-End des Anciens” (Alumni Weekend)

Former students come back to the School for a weekend in order to share an animated, friendly and festive moment. This is also the opportunity to share experiences, information, advice and useful contacts with the future graduates.

Theme evenings

These parties are costumed, mad and bustling and they are always masterfully organised by the BDE and their “night watchman”. Friendly, festive and “easy-going”, these evenings create strong links in a “family spirit” : the GTI spirit.